We don't have just any boats.
We have yours.
Friday, November 13, 2020

Buy your boat live from your home!

Would you like to buy a boat but travelling is a problem?

Don't worry, we can do “everything live from your home”.

VIDEO-VISIT with a member of the Abayachting Staff on board to show you every single detail of the boat, and a moderator on-line from the main office providing all the information to go ahead with the negotiation.

SURVEY organised according to your instructions: you can interact live with the surveyor, who will be conducting a complete check of the boat you are buying.

Your money will be SAFE until the signature of the bill of sale: we will represent you during the transfer of ownership.

YOUR BOAT IN YOUR MARINA: the transfer will be organised quickly and in total safety.

To learn more contact us on +39 011 2457841 or write to info@abayachting.com

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